Pre-commissioning, commissioning

Commissioning works is a complex of works meant to ensure incident-free and safe start-up and putting into operation of the plant as well as reaching its rated capacity.

Pre-commissioning works:

  • review and analysis of design documentation, engineering documentation for equipment, devices;development of operating-engineering and start-up documentation, individual tests of installed equipment (together with constraction-and-installation organizations);
  • singing of an act of working committee.

Commissioning works:

  • preliminary operations, namely,
  • blowing out of process pipelines and equipment;
  • flushing of pipelines and vessels (simultaneously with block-wise run-ins of rotating equipment);
  • chemical washing of pipelines (if necessary);
  • loading of catalyst, packing, etc (if necessary);
  • refractory dry-out (for heaters, furnaces, etc);
  • additional tightness tests;
  • integrated testing of the equipment with inert medium;
  • integrated testing of the equipment with working medium.