Construction supervision

Our Company provides the customers with the construction supervision services at the different plants of chemical, petrochemical, oil, oil refining and gas processing industries.

The construction supervision implies:

  • checking of design solutions quality, review of design documentation for the compliance with norms and a Technical Assignment, troubleshooting monitoring.
  • approval of technical solutions and amendments in design documentation with Design Supervision Service of Design Organization;
  • incoming inspection of delivered materials and equipments, documents of quality and supporting technical documentation;
  • ongoing (in-process) quality control and monitoring of contractor’s work progress, checking of the contractor’s work logs, early finding of defects and violation of work procedure;
  • participation in daily briefings and general meetings;
  • acceptance of works performed and finished by the Contractor under the Act (inspection of hidden works, acceptance of tests, etc), issuing of punch list and fault report;
  • checking for compliance of work scope meant to be handed over with work scope actually done, compliance of work performed with the conditions of the contract and construction schedule, monitoring of elimination of previously found faults and correction of comments by the contractor.
  • check of completeness and reliability of the as-built documentation.