Development of operating-engineering documentation

Experienced and qualified as they are, the specialists of our company provide the development of following operating-engineering documentation:
  • Process Procedure;
  • Emergency Response Plan;
  • start-up instruction;
  • workplace instructions;
  • maintenance instructions for plants, sections, blocks and other process;
  • operating manuals for equipment;
  • control and report forms for operating practices, performance charts.
  • commissioning schedules;
  • programs and diagrams for pre-comissioning, individual tests, block-wise run-ins of equipment and pipelines;
  • programs and diagrams for preparation of equipment to be put into operation;
    list of additional equipment, materials and devices for the commissioning;
  • programs for special works envisaged by the design (catalyst and packing loading, refractory dry-out, etc);
  • schedules of analytic control for the start-up period.

For operation personnel to get the visualized and understandable plant process schemes and equipment structures, our company develops:

  • album of process diagrams;
  • album of structural drawings for main process equipment.

Development of operating-engineering documentation also comprises the pipelines passportisation and preparation of passports for the registration. Our services in this area are as follows:

  • review of installation organization’s as-built documentation and suppliers’ documentation for compliance with design, norms and regulations and actual proceedings;
  • development of respective diagrams and filling of required sections in a passport form;
  • preparation and collection of a document package submitted for a pipeline/equipment to be registered in state supervision authorities.