Development of ventilation, aspiration and dust separation systems

As experienced as we are, we provide our design, commissioning and modernization services for the ventilation, aspiration and dust separation systems.

We can offer the following:

  • Technical inspection of operating systems and provision of recommendations for improvement of their efficiency.
  • Development of design solutions:

- isometric drawings, measurement forms for the fabrication of separate details and blocks, packing lists;

- working drawings for the tying-in of dust separation equipment, air-handling units and air channels to the process equipment, building  structures and foundations.

  • Development of Design-Estimation documentation, assembly diagrams, working documentation for fabrication of dust separation equipment as well as of separate details and blocks.
  • Delivery of dust separation equipment, air channels of interstage pipes, and air-handling units pipes.
  • Engineer-and-technical support during installation and commissioning, including:

- engineer supervision for the installation of equipment and  air channels

- commissioning works, aspiration and gas treatment systems tests;

- development of operating/technical documentation;

- operating personnel training.

To solve the problem of dust collection we are happy to propose a new,  high-efficient solution – the counter swirling flows apparatus (SFA)

SFA apparatus are essential for the collection of dust created through the grinding, crushing  as well as through the processing of the bulk materials.

Application of a SFA:

  • considerably decreases product losses;
  • improves environmental situation;
  • will be justified in 3-6 months.

Alternatively to other centrifugal collectors, a SFA has two inlets for the dusty gas. A gas stream enters the channels in the top and bottom of a SFA. These channels are equipped with swirlers which form two counter directed swirling flows in operating area.

The interaction of these flows results in a concentrated vorticity followed by solid particles falling out under the influence of centrifugal force.

Advantages of a SFA:

  • more efficient separation along the whole height;
  • compatible to fabric filters in fine dispersed phase (less than 5 micron) collection efficiency;
  • resistance to load changes within  ±30 % of design range;
  • far less heavy and large compared to the cyclones.

Worthy alternative to the wet scrubbers and fabric filters, a SFA consumes less material and power resources and does not require special-qualified operating personnel.