The specialists of the APCS Department have many years experience in working with the leading APCS companies, namely, Honeywell, Invensys Systems (Foxboro,Triconex), Yokogawa, Emerson Process Management, АВВ, etc. They got trained in the training centers of these companies and were awarded with conforming certificates.

APCS Department comprises:

  • APCS design group;
  • APCS peripheral devices adjustment group (transmitters, transducers, actuators);
  • DCS and ESD central devices adjustment group (controllers, working stations of process operators).

The services rendered are the following:

Design and development of the process automated control systems, including:

  • pre-project inspection of facilities and development of a Technical Assignment;
  • development of design documentation;
  • development (configuration) of APCS applied software.

Consulting services during construction, modernization and revamp of process plants (facilities)

Installation-supervision works for automation systems

Commissioning of automation systems, including:

  • off-line debugging;
  • complex tests and putting into commissioning;
  • technical assistance to the APCS, Instrument Services during the initial stage of automation system operation.