Training of operation personnel

Awarded with a proper License, our Training Center has been delivering the services for personnel development, theoretical and on-the-job training of the Customer’s operation personnel for many years.

The personnel training comprises following stages:

  1. Organization-methodical preparation of training process.
  2. Theoretical training (~1 month)
    Theoretical training is given for the groups of 15 students in accordance with training schedules and programs.
    Developed training schedules and programs takes into account the workplace requirements and agrees with a customer.
  3. On-the-job training (~ 2 months).
    On-the-job training at the newly commissioned plants is delivered by a training master during the implementation of pre-commissioning/commissioning works.
    The on-the-job training for the customer’s personnel might be conducted at the other allied plants related to the same industry and using the similar technological process with the trainers from our Training Center.

Our many years’ experienced trainers are the high-qualified specialists. They regularly upgrade their skills and  professional level at the specialized educational establishments.

For the past five years the specialist of our Training Center have conducted training for more than 1200 workers at the plants of Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.

Trades our Training Center provides training for.